Bespoke Home: Bates Masi Architects par Cindy Jeftovic

September 17, 2019

Bespoke Home: Bates Masi Architects par Cindy Jeftovic

Titre de livre: Bespoke Home: Bates Masi Architects

Auteur: Cindy Jeftovic

Broché: 220 pages

Date de sortie: May 15, 2016

ISBN: 1941806392

Éditeur: Oro Editions

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Cindy Jeftovic avec Bespoke Home: Bates Masi Architects

To respond to the unique opportunities of each client and site, Bates Masi + Architects has developed an approach, rather than a devotion to a particular style. Careful study of the needs of the site and owners uncovers a guiding concept particular to each project. It may be derived from the owner s interests, the site s parameters, or the character of the place. That concept is distilled to its essence, just a few words, such that it can inform the design at all scales, from massing, to materials, to details. The consistency of the concept is evident in the finished product. It imbues even small details and simple materials with meaning, thus making the mundane memorable. The result is an architecture that is cohesive, innovative, contextual, and full of details that delight. Bespoke Home, the first monograph of Bates Masi s 50 year career, highlights the firm s process, illustrating how a concept is derived from the various influences of the site and client, how that concept informs the design process, and how the concept is manifest in the experience of the finished house."